[Sold] WTS 5,4m SP Caldari Hauler Alt


Skill books for JF and Jump skills already injected. Can already fly a Charon, Deep Space Transport and Blockade Runners.

3.8b b/o

4.0 b b/o


4.25 B B/O

4.5B isk Buyout ready when Salman_Kokan posts he is available with a positive wallet and all applicable Forums sale rules


4.7 billion isk ready if you accept

  • Pilot has a positive wallet (21m ISK)
  • no kill rights
  • no jump clones
  • stationed at Jita 4-4

Will 4.7 do it?

Yes, 4.7b is good enough for me.



Isk and account details sent to Salman Kokan

Isk received and char transfer initiated

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