“SOLD” WTS 55,824 SP Goon Recruitment scam charecter

No Corp history

No Jump Clones

Born 28/04/2014

Located in Jita jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

I originally made this charecter to scam for goons. never has been used.

Total: 55,824 SP / 11 Skills (250,000 Unallocated SP)

Born 28/04/2013

10 Bil - open to bids and offers

Thread reopend

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Says the character isn’t mine to veiw when I click the link

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@ISD_Traindriver link not working properly

Sorry ladies and gents, give it a go now and let me know how you get on

daily Bump

i may be interested

Ill offer 10bil

Offer accecpted, please send isk and account details

account info and isk sent via “Buying Acc” toon

Transfer done