【SOLD】WTS 55M all V Naglfar&Zirnitra alt, born in 2005, 3 remaps with 4.5M Unallocated SP

Selling myself,
positive wallet
no kill rights
Located in jita.
Already joined NPC crop.


highest dps in Zirnitra.

55B Start, buyout 60B
not rush to sell, wait for Mr.Right to take care of him.

daily pump

30b offer ready

31b offer ready

32B offer

33B offer

35B offer

hello guys, thanks for your bid, but it’s too low to accept .

There are no implants in your registration

there maybe some mistake with this link, here is some picture of the implants:

40b offer

thanks for your offer.
wait for higher bid.

private sell managed.
XMvinc will send isk in game and transfer will start immediately.

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