[SOLD]WTS 57.4mill SP Erebus Pilot + 537k unallocated

As title says I want to sell Myself. 57.4mill SP with 537k unallocated

Wouldn’t take too much to become a dread pilot either. Comes with HG Amulet set too, along with a Mid grade Amulet set in HS

Has the Federal Police Skin, Interbus, Spirit and Valimor Legacy Erebus skins .

Skill board Link: Character Sheet

Character has a positive balance
In Low Sec station
No kill rights

Starting at 45bill
Buyout: 70bill

Please leave messages here I do not check this toon very often.

Let me know if I need to disclose anything else

Bump: updated with starting price

45B offer

46B offer

48B offer

50b offer

52B offer


57B offer

60b offer

will accept the 60bill offer if there is nothing higher in 2 days

You are an insatiable greedy guy. If I find the desired character in the next two days, this quotation will be cancelled

if your still up for it I will accept your offer. Send the 60bill isk and your account desto and I will initiate the transfer


ISK and email have both been sent, please initiate role transfer

I confirm receipt of isk and account info. Transfer has been initiated to selected account. Just a reminder there is a delay, which eve says is 10 hours.

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