SOLD-WTS 58.1 mil SP Rorqual Character

Location DOCKED (Amarr VII Oris- Emperor Family Academy) Hi Sec
Sec Status: .19
ISK Status: 532,961 k
Killrights: 0
Jump Clones: 0
Currently in NPC Corp
Has not been banned for Macro use
Pilot has a KB
Character is in Main trade hub docked with a fitted Hulk
Pilot has no kill rights

Starting bid: 44 bil
Buy out: 50 bil


50 bill is lowest i will go

bump bump

up you go


48 bil accepted

Sunik hasn’t responded character still for sale

Will you accept PLEX?

iskies only please

edited prices

1 hour and shes yours as long as your not overbid

nvm, just checked market and it’s not great. Can’t offer more than 43.5Bil


30 minutes shes yours nuclear

I’m leaving soon. If you agree, we can start trading now

ok done

44 bill offer accepted from nuclear waiting for exchange

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Transfer initiated