SOLD WTS 5m Cloaky Scanning\PI Alt

Character Link
Selling because name doesn’t work with my main.

Can Fly Covert Ops frigate.
V Skills: CPU Management, Electronics Upgrades, Caldari Cruiser, Caldari Frigate

Zero Wallet Balance
Clone in HS (Charemerout, +1’s installed)

I will pay transfer fee.


I’d be happy to buy him for 3 Billion

Good deal. Will get in touch with details this evening.

What’s your time zone? it’s nearly 11pm here

US ETZ. I’m ready to do the deed.

Okay cool, you need my username for the target account, right?
Haven’t done this in a while


Can send it through evemail or however you like.

I’ll go via evemail then

Which account am I sending the isk too?

You can send it to Kahdter himself. He is logged in right now.

Both have been sent

character transfer completed through account management.

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