Item is sold


23 bill

25B offer

26 B Buyout ISK Ready

I misread some of the guidelines, and did not realize the Owner of the character paid the transfer fee. As such, I will need to let this run a couple days until I get paid from work. (Either tomorrow or the next day) I apologize for any inconvenience caused, and do not mean any malice in this!

Sure, will be waiting with 26 B- oh wait, I think I can wait until friday, not sure but if someone one upped me, you can give it to them alright.

24 b.

Can trade if available. Would need account name.

Is me?

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Ok.send immediately.

Isk and acc name sent ingame

Transfer Initiated.

Just came back from work. Damn you, sneaky Random Elite. xD

Can’t blame me :rofl:

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Well, in my perspective, Acad’s previous owner lost 2 Billion and I will proceed with my original plan which would gain my more profit anyway except it makes the game a bit difficult to traverse for me.

Good luck

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