taken off market

still for sale. looking for offers

Mail me in game

Im very Interested, but i had to sell a toon first to get the space to hold this charr. i will pay 55Billion isk B/O if u safe it for my if thats okay for you

I will take your B/O of 55 billion. How long till you have a slot open?

i try to sell it today. so if i think about the 10 hours eve time for waiting. i would say until tomorrow if thats okay for you?

yes thats ok. just let know on here

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so my Charracter is sold and Transfer has startet right now. i will send u the Isk tomorrow around 4:00 eve time and the Account Information, im really hyped to this perfect trained toon.

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ok sounds good, will be waiting

Think i will buy a Toon with over 100Mil sp that i got a perfect Subcapital Toon. cause a 100mil+ Charr only cost me around 20B more thatn a 64mil SP charr.

back for sale. will not hold toon for anyone else

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