Pls delete

… thx

up up

4bil? :grin:

7 Bil BO

8 Bil BO

9 Bil BO

9.5 Bil. Final offer. Cash ready.

10b final.

10.5B. And that’s all I can afford!

11 B !!

Make it 12 Bil. I can strip the trade skills out and sell them as not needed! :slight_smile:

Hi. Are you still selling this toon?

Yes I am.
I’ll make 14B BO.

13B offer expire in 12 hours

14Bil Buy Out.

offer retreat

14B offered. Im around till abut 9.30 Eve time, today, back tomorrow after dt. Message me with the details and ill get the Iskies sent over.

14.5 Billion Buyout

14.6 Bil. Final offer. Good for 12 hours or till I find a different toon to buy and then im out as this is getting silly

Sorry lads.
Super busy last few days.
Withdrawing the sale for now.

Srry and much <3