SOLD WTS 5m Pilot with nice name, no history

(Arkkis Chummuck) #1

The name is of one of the Green Lanterns.

The character is not paper, well used points as base character.

Is in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

I am not reading evemail, answer the thread if interested.

Not sure the price, offer.

(Emsar Mannar) #2

i offer 2.5b

(Hariere Abre-Kai) #3

3.5B b/o

(Arkkis Chummuck) #4

Sold, send the isk and acc name. I was ore purchasing service =P

(Hariere Abre-Kai) #5

@Arkkis_Chummuck Hah! Will send in a couple hours, I’m on mobile atm

(Arkkis Chummuck) #6

No problem, answer the thread and i deliver when you answer the thread.

(Hariere Abre-Kai) #7

@Arkkis_Chummuck ISK + Account info sent

(Arkkis Chummuck) #8

transfer done, please anser when the pilot or ccp mail come.

(Hariere Abre-Kai) #9


Another player is transferring the character Arkkis Chummuck to your account named XXXXXXX.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on the sender account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Transfer mail confirmed

(system) #10

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