WTS 78M SP Pilot w/available name change


Reported to have an offensive name so character comes with a mail from the GMs with a link to request name change. Buy me a pick your own name!!!

Positive wallet balance
No Kill rights
All jump clones in Jita to include Mid Grade Amulet/slaves
Toon located in Jita
I will pay transfer fee

Gallente Dread/Carrier
Amarr/Gallente recon
T3 Amarr/Gallente
Excellent mining skills w/exhumers lvl5
Decent scanning and PI skills
wont sell for less then I could extract him for

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10b Open! … :slight_smile:

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bump bump

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58 Bill

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60 bil

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thank you for the offers, i will let this run until 11-5-19 @1500 eve time will accept an offer at 60bil or more

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Sent you a message ingame

bump bump

62 Bill

Bump, less then 20 hours until highest offer 60bil or more wins. Great opportunity to pick your own name on a purchased toon. Make it yours!!!

62.5b in game offer


63bil so far highest offer, 1hr 43 mins left until this toon sells.

Faydhe this character is yours, please send isk to this character along with mail w/acct info so I can begin transfer

if it isnt sold yet, I can do 65 bil

winning bidder has not reached out. I will accept your offer. Send isk and account info and i will begin acct transfer

Oduwan Zmeevik, i sent you an ingame evemail

I wake up so late (

I still have not received any isk for the character. If you still want to buy then It’s yours. I am at work so I will not be able to initiate the transfer until I get home.

Bump bump, still for sale. Will be online for the next hour to finalize a deal.