[SOLD] WTS 6 Mill SP Caldari Basic Char

(Celes Grizzard) #1


Selling this Char Complete clean.
No Employment History, Remap useable and created 2012.

Located in Koma Secstatus 0.6
No Killrights or anything.

Free for Offers.

Questions ingame or here.

(petertje35) #2

mail send

(Leo Notarbartolo) #3

3 bil

(Axis Mikels) #4

4bil convo me ingame

(Celes Grizzard) #5

Acccepted 4b offer from Axis Mikels

(Axis Mikels) #6

isk send

(darksisius) #7

isk recived start transfer

(Axis Mikels) #8

character received

(system) #9

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