[SOLD] WTS 66M - Supercarrier (NYX) Pilot

WTS this character: Character Sheet

Gallente Carrier V
Fighter V
Heavy Fighter V
Armor and Shield Skills mostly V
relevant support skills V

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character located in Jita

Remap available

starting bids: 50b
buyout: 64b

50b start the ball rolling

55 bill

Thanks for the bids! I’ll give it 2 more days and then top bidder wins.

56b il

Thanks MarcoV! 1 more day left for bids.

You are the winner with 56B! Please send isk to Verain and eve mail with the account to transfer the character to.

55b if offer still open

I’ll give Marco a day to respond, otherwise there’s someone else ahead of you with a 55B offer. If both of them fall thru you would next in line.

will send isk in 24hrs

isk and mail sent please check in game

Ty! Transfer started.

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