Sold! WTS 8.2 mil SP. HULK Miner + Planetar Manager

Hello. WTS hulk miner 8.2kk Sp. + Planetar Manager.

All ccp rules apply pay with credit cards, no negative wallet,
no killrights. 100% drop the Corp but no see at the moment.
Write in game iron Josei
or write on forum.
Starting Price 7 ккк Finish price (B\0) 9 ккк

Bump. Plz Write your price

5B offer

Soory no. I can use skill injection for this price. And i will pay for tranfer. So this price is cheap.

6B offer

bump last

Bump 1

6.5b ready to roll if you are

offer 7.5b for this

looks like this toon only has 5,3 mil sp now

Is the character still on sale?

If still for sell 8bil

Please follow all Character Bazaar rules when making a sales thread. You may relist your toon for sale once all conditions are met. Thank you.