SOLD WTS 8.5m miner exhumer orca 500k unallocated

Hi i am for sale-

Is in high sec, no ill rights, posirtve wallet.

I am not checking the evemail if interested answer the thread

What is your B/O?

I was thinking in 6.1 b

Was going to offer around 4.5, I’ll put that there but obviously feel free to wait for more

I accept the 4.5b today. i dont check is a disount in Plex.

I accept your offer of 4.5b.

Great will send isk shortly with account name

isk and account name sent

Transfer done, please answer the thread when you receive the CCP real mail or the toon.

Thanks !

Real mail received, will post again when the toon is received, thanks! and merry christmas!

Received the Toon thank you again!

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