[SOLD]WTS 82m Character focused on resource processing、minner、indust

birth day: 2004-10-05
kill rights: no
location: low sec
security status: positive
start bid 78b

73B offers

74 billion

Bid: 75 B

hi i can paid 75b i just need one week i back to holidays

I have already bid 75B on the Character tradepro and I have isk in hand ready to buy.

thanks for bids, will update before weekend

Thanks, I have sent ingame eve mail.

Please send me in-game mail attached your account info.

Confirm here Winning bid 75 billion. see in-game eve mail. I await your response before sending account information.

I will do 75.5 right now if he hasn’t got back to you

Isk and account info sent to JinRoh.

sorry, i am out for my weekend, will start transfer in 10 hrs

tansfer started

Transfer complete, please close thread.