Closed/Sold 22/03/19

Action now closed and transfer completed.


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  • @redacted *, thank you but the current highest bidder is Kimlancer Makanen - 71.01b. If you want to check it’s caught up in the middle of the trolls posts on the previous advert.

Me neither tbh haha as I didn’t really specify :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes that’s eve time

72b offer

74 b offer

Bidding is not equal to bidding. That’s why I cast my net widely.

75b offer

Daily bump - Kimlancer is current highest bidder at 75b

Congratulations * redacted *, you’ve got a nice toon here. Once isk is transferred let me know the account you wish him to be transferred to. Not sure your tz but I’ll be off to bed in approx an hour or two so will do the transfer tomo morning if you’re not back soon.

Thanks for bidding all.

Hey * redacted *,

It’s saying you have too many chars on the account. Will give it another hour and try again.

Morning redacted,

Transfer went through this morning. Thanks for a speedy sale and hope you enjoy the char.

All the best.

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