SOLD - WTS 97M toon B/O 80B

I made this character a long time ago, paid for training and never used it really. He is in good standing, based out of Jita right now.

97,181,388 - Skill points
ISK Balance will be 0 at Time of Sale
No jump clones

If I am missing information that you would like please let me know. I attempted to cover everything in the “welcome to”.

I’m selling him because I want him to go to use, right now I’m barely into the tutorials. At this point in-game money is more useful to me.

Daily bump, I’m flexible on the price.

start it off with 45b

Appropriate name, I based the price off of a couple other sales going for 45B at about half the skill points. It is tempting, I’m thinking on it.

Any other interested parties? Chance if you’re still interested I’m good with 45B.

I’ll give you 48b

Sure, lets do it Istoh before I change my mind. I believe the sequence of events is ISK to Dakser, then you tell me the account to transfer to and I do the eve store transfer for 20$ to your account. Is that accurate?

I’m assuming you have lost interest Istoh Kanjus?

I can do 48 Bil if you can transfer asap I want a pvp guy for a fight coming up.

Like now, works for me. Sequence of events is you send ISK to Dakser then I transfer him to the account of your choosing correct?

Isk and account info sent.

Will be completed after: 4/28/2021 12:37:30 PM

Character is on it’s way my friend. Thanks!

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