[SOLD] WTS Aeon in Kinakka - Firesale

Hi - looking to sell an 3x t2 trimark rigged Aeon in Kinakka.

This is a firesale which means at the end of 3 days I will accept the highest bid as long as it is 11 bil or more.

Starting Bid - 11 bil
Buyout Price - 13.5 bil

Have a 6 bil combat fit with it if you are looking to buy that separately at Jita cost.

Thank You

11 Billion ISK



12b ISK.

12.5b Isk


Great bids, thank you. I will close this auction at 20:00 Eve Time Friday or if someone offers 13.5 bil buyout.

Auction closed. Drug d’Amral is the high bidder @ 12.75B.

Contract up in game.

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