WTS> [ Aeon + x3 Trimarks: 16.5b ] - Aunenen Keepstar


(Arcadis Cloud) #1

For sale at Aunenen Keepstar:

Erebus Hull + 80k Fuel / Faction Cloak: 64b - SOLD
Aeon Hull + x3 Trimark Rigs: 16.5b - Available

(Arcadis Cloud) #2


(Arcadis Cloud) #3

Still for sale! Bumpage.

(Mk 001) #4

Air-Bus 64 B, ISK on hand, will take contract on reply,

(Taraas Enko) #6

12 bil for the aeon

(Arcadis Cloud) #7

Actually, I have another one for sale, if you’re still interested, reply back and i’ll try to get it to aunenen for you today.

(Arcadis Cloud) #8

12b too low for my client, price firm :stuck_out_tongue:

(Arcadis Cloud) #9

Contract will be up for you shortly. Willing to sell you Erebus + Rigs for the same amount.

(Arcadis Cloud) #11

Contract Up - Auenenen

(Mk 001) #12

Accepting in a few minutes, thank you

(Arcadis Cloud) #13

2nd Erebus sold - Thank you!

(system) #14

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