[SOLD][WTS] Astrahus BPO ME8 TE10

[WTS] Astrahus BPO ME8 TE10 . Selling one of my 2 now that ive researched them up high enough. ME8 lets you build 4 Astras per Job without any Material lost (with NS&WH T1 Structure Rig bonus).

5 Bill. Sold via ingame Contract in Perimeter for safer moving. EDIT: NOW 4.5 bill

Yes you can get them cheaper, i am asking as much for the ME8, takes money and time to research.

Public Contract open in the Perimeter Trading Keepstar

Contract is still up.

Still up for 5 bill. Can be had for 4 bill via pm or response in here.

Price down to 4.5, now lowest BPO on Market

Sold for 4.5

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