[WTS] Astrahus BPO 6/8

(Red Leader1) #1

Want to sell Astrahus BPO currently located in Jita 4/4 which has been researched to ME 6, TE 8.

(Mrs Funaila) #2

How much do u want for it

(Chamomile Tea) #3

i have a similarly researched one for sale here:

(Mrs Funaila) #4

7/16 what is that MEand time efficiency?

(Mrs Funaila) #5

I will take the raitaru for 4 bill

(Red Leader1) #6

I am looking to sell for 6.25 billion. Slightly higher than buy orders for unresearched.

BPO is located in Jita 4/4 currently.

(Mrs Funaila) #7

I liked the look of 4 bill i will go as high as 4.5

(Red Leader1) #8

I am not selling a Raitaru. I am selling an Astrahus BPO. Cannot go down to 4.5 bill for an Astrahus BPO.

(Mrs Funaila) #9

Sorry i dont understand i will buy 1 of them for 4.5 have u contracted it to me in game

(Mrs Funaila) #10

Sorry ppl just noticed i am speaking to 2 ppl (on my mobile lol )

(Red Leader1) #11

Bump, still for sale.

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