WTS Fighter/Structure BPO Firesale *Price Lowered*

Need isk for a good deal, fireselling old BPOs

Fighter BPOs

Einherji BPO - 6/18 (275m)

Gram BPO - 6/18 (275m)

Structure Blueprints 200m!! Below Seeded Value

Astrahus BPO - 7/16 (5.8b)

I will give u 200 for them

I take the Naglfar BPO

Contract up

accepted, thanks

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Please contract me the

Nag and drone bpo

Naglfar already sold, however the fighter BPOs are up to you.

msg you in game

Ty will acept shortly when home

Sorry ment the drone bay bpo - not fighters

fixed, contract up :slight_smile:

Ok will acept shortly

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Structure Repair Facility BPO - 8/16 (200m)

Structure Docking Bay BPO - 8/16 (200m)

Structure Hanger Array BPO - 9/14 (200m)

Structure Hanger Array BPO - 8/14 (200m)

Structure Medical Center BPO - 9/14 (200m)

Structure Office Center BPO - 8/16 (200m)

I will take these

Contract up.

Daily dump.

accepted - thanks!

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still have a few blueprints left, get them while they’re hot

Hey will take it for 265 and the gram

contract up

i have just a few bps left

feel free to bid

buy my bpos)

bidda bing badda boom i have just a few left