WTS BPOs: Ships, Fighters, Structure Accessories & More

Selling BPOs listed in the google sheets below. I’ll update the sheets as I get new BPOs, and as old ones sell. Everything’s in Jita 4/4

Pricing: Anything with an ME lower than 6, and/or a TE lower than 14 will be sold at NPC Price.
Anything above will have a markup based on ME/TE level & current market supply. Discounts will be considered if you buy a large volume.

Reply here or eve-mail me if interested!


Full Scorp
Full Mega
10/16 Hype

Scorpion 10/20 and Myrm 2.6b ? If ok will accept when Sunday when i get home. If not free bump.

Contract sent to “MaadJ” ingame

Scorp’s sold to the other guy, his price was better. Will still sell you the Hype and Mega for 3.5b

Accepted TYVM

Updated listing. Cleared sold BPOs and added the following BPOs:

  • Abaddon 9/18 3.5B
  • Capital Shield Emitter 10/20 1.65B
  • Prophecy 10/20 1.7B
  • Revelation 8/14 2.4B
  • Rorqual 10/20 14.5B

All BPOs on sheet are still available!

BPO’s still available!

Bump, still available!!

Bump, get some cheap BPOs!

Ill take

Drake 10 14 0.7
Hurricane 10 18 0.95
Revelation 8 14 2.4

Please contact to me. 4.05b

Contract’s up

Thank you

8bill offer for both

3bill offer

PM’d check your in-game mails

Bump, still available!

Bump, added new BPOs and lowered some prices!


Bump, still available!