SOLD! WTS: C2-Hisec/C3 No Effect, all POCOs, any T4 planetary production

Rusty Hyenas corporation is moving to a new home and we are selling our previous WH.

This offer includes:
*C2 WH J162700 with hi-sec and C3 statics
*8 planets (2xLava, 2xGas, Plasma, Barren, Oceanic, Temperate).

All POS bases are wiped out, system is clear.
We can give you full info on the moons and planetary extraction.

Any kind of t4 planetary production can be maintained
Hi-sec static means easy access to trade hubs.

There are our Astrahus and Raitaru inside. For additional price they can be sold to you also other we will deanchor them.

Price for WH (+POCOs): 1,5 bil ISK
Price for citadels: PM

We can provide armored defense of your first citadel anchor if needed. Defense is included in price.

i am interested

look at ingame PM


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