[SOLD] WTS C3 Wormhole + HS Static + Raitaru + 12 POCO's

This is your New Home, a pretty calm and profitable wormhole space just for you, with one Static only to Hisec, 12 POCO’s and one Raitaru:

System Name: J203753
Static: D845 (Hisec)
Citadels: 1 Raitaru (no fit)
Planets: 5 Barren, 2 Lava, 2 Storm, 3 Gas and 1 Oceanic
POCO’s: 12 POCO’s will be transferred to the new owner, one poco left with 0% TAX

Make your Offer
Contact me or Cigfa ingame
Thank You all

Solid transfer, fast and reliable!

Would recommend doing business with these people.

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