[SOLD] WTS Raitaru in C3 -> NS Static - 900m OBO

I basically just want to get rid of it without unanchoring. I can put some fuel in it and scan you in. It only has a Standup Manufacturing Plant fitted. The hole has 2 sticks in it, but no other citadels. I haven’t cleared the last corp’s POCOs.


  • C3 with NS Static
  • No Effect
  • ~16AU across
  • Planets
    • 2x Barren
    • 2x Gas
    • 1x Temperate
    • 1x Lava
    • 1x Oceanic
  • 15x Moons

Posting on my main for integrity, but it’s owned by an alt. I dropped this as a FOB but now I’m bored with it.

ill throw 900 mill at it

I’m interested. Contact me in game.

all sorted sending isk now

Confirmed. Selling to @Plagues

isk sent awaiting xfer

Transferred. Thanks @Plagues!

sorted thanks

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