SOLD-WTS Capital Parts BPO Set ME10TE20

Only available as a complete set_

Incredibly cheap!
All BPO`s Have ME10 TE20
–BPO–Average prices( in billions)–

– Capital Propulsion Engine* --2.0-2.3–
– Capital Sensor Cluster* --1.9-2.1–
– Capital Armor Plates* --2.2-2.4–
– Capital Capacitor Battery* --2.2-2.4–
– Capital Power Generator* --2.1-2.3–
– Capital Shield Emitter* --2.6-2.9–
– Capital Jump Drive* --2.7-3.0–
– Capital Cargo Bay* --1.5-1.7–
– Capital Drone Bay* --1.8-2.0–
– Capital Computer System* --2.2-2.4–
– Capital Construction Parts* --1.8-2.0–
– Capital Ship Maintenance Bay* --1.8-2.0–
– Capital Corporate Hangar Bay* --1.8-2.0–
– Capital Siege Array* --2.5-2.7–

That gives a price of 29.1B to 32.2B

my one-time special price for the whole set amounts to
Convo me Ingame if you are interested.



Capital Armor Plates
Capital Capacitor Battery
Capital Drone Bay
Capital Computer System
Capital Construction Parts
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay*
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay

Contract these to : Haleuth

Also, mail him ingame if there is a issue.

sent IGM
Still for sale

In game mail sent


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