[SOLD] WTS female 13.1M SP Production/Science character


9.2M SP in Science, 2.6M SP in Production
Located in Amarr (can be moved to another continuous HS location in need)
0.0 sec status
No kill rights
jump clones located in Jita, Hahda & Bahromab (2)
0.0 wallet

Yearly remap available now, plus 1 bonus remap

Main has following impants:
Ocular Filter - Standard
Memory Augmentation - Standard
Neural Boost - Standard
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard
Social Adaptation Chip - Standard

Jita JC has the following implants:
Memory Augmentation - Basic
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Basic
Zainou ‘Beancounter’ Metallurgy MY-703
Zainou ‘Beancounter’ Research RR-603
Zainou ‘Beancounter’ Science SC-803

All CCP rules apply.
Starting bid: 7.5bil

7.5 bil

8 bil

8.5 bil

9 bil

bump, any more bids?

bump, 9B the winning bid so far

9B B/O accepted, please send ISK and account details for transfer

ISK and Account details send

I’m at work at the moment, will initiate the transfer when I get home. Due within 8hrs from this post.

9.5b… You can still change your mind :wink:

In RL I would have shot back a reply saying too late, deal was done, but this is eve :sunglasses:

Can’t say that I wasn’t tempted by the extra 500m, but will stand by my original thoughts.

ISK received, transfer initiated.

Character received :slight_smile:

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