Sale withdrawn

(Valentina Anessa) #1

Looking to sell:

Located in Amarr, 0.0 wallet, no killrights

1 bonus remap available

(Gattanera) #2

12 bil

(Intriguing Stranger) #3

13 bil

(Valentina Anessa) #4

Looking to sell in less than 72 hours, or earlier for the right bid :sunglasses:

In game offers to be mailed to HilsterAUS

(Valentina Anessa) #5

+4’s in main, 58M of implants with jump clone in Jita (Beancounter MY-703, RR-603 & SC-803)

9.2M of skills science, with 2.6M production

Still available and good to go

(Beekillrz) #6


(Valentina Anessa) #7

In game bid of 13.5B received prior to bid from Beekillrz (happy to forward mail if you need confirmation).

Will have to delay sale by 24 hours to enable an incoming transfer to occur, so current bid is 13.5B in game.

Sale will be finalised in 24hr (so just after DT)

(Beekillrz) #8

Well if you would have told me before I would have bid 14b. :frowning:

(Valentina Anessa) #9

So does this mean that your current bid is 14B?

Please note that I am awaiting an inbound character transfer to drop before I can commence an outbound transfer. I will advise when good to go

(Valentina Anessa) #10

Sorry, going to have to pull the sale.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. May try a little later down the road

(system) #11

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