[SOLD] WTS Focused Freighter Pilot 9.1m SP

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Will Be Located in Jita
NPC Corp (with no other corp history)
2 remaps available

Character has full Mid-grade Amulet set
No kill or loss history whatsoever

Not a bunch of wasted skillpoints here, pretty much just Freighter with support skills (and Blockade Runner for those smaller, more risky loads). 31days from Jump Freighter.

I ckeck your mail, interested in the trade. Answer eve mail and i check in some hours.



6b offer

6.5B quotation

Sory i sell my pilot in other thread, was forced for the timesand circunstances. Good luck

6.8 bil offer

Bumpity Bump. Also 14d from Orca.

6.9 b offer. Also, JF preferred

One more bump…

Yours for 6.9b, awaiting info for transfer.

ISK and account info sent

Transferring to xxxxxxxxxxx

Will be completed after 9/21/2023 7:14:37 AM

transfer completed

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