(SOLD) WTS - Freighter Hauling Pilot ( 10M SP )

Looking to Freighter Pilot

  • Sec status positive.
  • Wallet positive.
  • Will be in NPC corp in Jita at time of sale
  • No kill rights
  • Comes with Improved Training Pod

Pilot Link

Open to reasonable offers.


The Charakter you are Selling here, has to confirm with his own Forumsaccount that he is for sale .

I’m for sale

I’ll offer 5bil

5.5B offered

6.5bil b/o

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nadya vice, lets talk.

Im listening :relaxed:

Ah cool, price sounds good?

Yup price is fine, this is my first transfer so what’s the next steps :slight_smile:

I send you isk and the name of the account you would send the character to, you pay the transfer fee and initiate transfer to my account, I’ll send the isk and account info shortly have to attend one thing real quick

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Okay thanks, I just need to link the accounts and then will initiate the transfer. Thanks

isk and account info sent to Yvette Tobooran

Receipt of character mail received, thanks for a smooth sale o7

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