[sold] WTS Hakim's Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor

Hakim’s Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor - 4.7b -Negotiable
Jita 4-4
Private contract

Under Jita price.

3.9b - Valid 24H - Eve mail me.

Offer expired. Price increased.

3.5 offer valid 24 hours convo or mail ingame

Thank you for your generous offer. Unfortunately I must decline it.

Price dropped to 4.7 b under Jita price 72h validity

Would you accept 4b?

4.2 and we have a deal :slight_smile: it’s still 600 mil under jita price

4.1 and make the contract out to this toon :slight_smile:

I’m IG right now. Setting up the contract

Rgr. Will accept when I get home from work. (a few hours tops)

It’s up




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