WTS Mizuro's Heavy Warp Disruptor

(Crimsonshot Brooti) #1

Selling a Mizuro’s Heavy Warp Disruptor , price will be 4.5b , Jita has a sell order for 5.1billion.
Email if interested. thanks.

(Roggvir Valekaani) #2

3 billies

(Crimsonshot Brooti) #3

thanks buts its not quite 4.5b, ill stand firm .
also bump

(Roggvir Valekaani) #4

very well. If you change your mind my offer remains.

(Crimsonshot Brooti) #5

still available , can transport to the four main capital systems.

(Crimsonshot Brooti) #6

still got it, lowest price is 4.75b Jita, let me know if you’re interested.

(Crimsonshot Brooti) #7

willing to deliver almost anywhere in galaxy, speak to me about it, and price is still 4.5b

(Roggvir Valekaani) #8

im still here

(Crimsonshot Brooti) #9

Been busy, anyway bump to let you know still trying to sell for 4b now, thanks

(Crimsonshot Brooti) #10

Still here, willing to sell it , almost anywhere, let me know.

(Sabrephenix Pacht-Feng) #11

Ill do 3.5 jita price is crap

(system) #12

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