[SOLD] WTS Jita trader with standings

Selling a Jita trader with 1.0213% brokers fee at Jita 4-4.
Base standings:
Caldari State 9.44
Caldari Navy 9.78

Remap and 2 bonus remaps available
Cybernetics IV, just above 5mil sp:

Wallet positive
No kill rights
No clones/implants
Located at Jita 4-4

upd: updating standings from time to time

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7.5 B offer

I find that way far from a fair value.

Well I find it very close to a fair value and probably this is the most you will get for this character. Let me know after a few days and no-one else bids, I let my offer stand.

The standings are worth above 25bil alone, some people just don’t research. Tsk tsk tsk :rofl:


Fair asking price for those standings. Stand firm OP.

bumpity bump

8b offer

i can give 10b

Still looking for a serious offer

25billion isk
bought one

10.2 bil offer, anything more than this is ridiculous for a 5 mil SP character even if it has decent standings.

I’ll add another 300, so my total bet is 10.5B

If you knew how much effort it took either playing the game or hiring USIA to raise the standings its worth way more than 10 bil for those standings

I will raise to 10.6

If you aren’t going to bid, how about bug off of this thread

10.65b offer


Daily boopity boop

Still for sale