WTS Jita Trader - Excellent Standings

I am for sale:


4.1m sp’s, mostly in trade, but if you’re offering a price based on skill points, you won’t be buying this pilot.

This pilot was trained specifically for trading in Jita. Pilot has clean reputation, as I just trained her up and sold off a bunch of implants and rewards, then lost interest. If you’re looking for low-cost trading in Jita, this pilot is for you.

Caldari State standing: 9.73 unmodified
Caldari Navy 9.35 unmodified

Bonus Standings

Echelon Entertainment 9.69 unmodified
Spacelane Patrol 9.40 unmodified
Ytiri 9.09 unmodified

Keep in mind all these standings are BEFORE modification by skills, which is really what matters for trade fees. All appreciable LP’s will be spent prior to trade. Make me realistic offers. Clearly if the value is less than the trade fee, I’ll just hang on to her.

Thanks for looking!

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3.5 bil


4.0 bil

5.0b b/o

Can you show me your skills? It does not appear on the eveboard.com

Updated character sheet to include skills.

Have received in-game bid of 6b, and will be selling in approximately 12 hours to highest bidder.

5,5b here

6.1 bil

up to 6.2b

6.3 bil

Sorry folks, fell asleep last night. Will get back to this when I return from work tonight.

6.5b b/o

6,6 b/o

6.7 b/o

6.8 bil

Thanks for the bids. I’m about to head out the door for a doctor appointment, so while I do I’ll give this a few more hours for you two to duke it out, if you care to (and for my last few market items to attempt to sell.) Once I return home, I will give it an hour or so to make sure everyone has had their opportunity to respond, then sell to the highest bidder.

7b offer received in-game. Will be accepting high offer and transferring 2 hours from the time of this post.

Is this character is still for sale?

I’m interested if this character is still available or anyone has one similar to sell.