WTS: Jita trade alt - 6M SP - Born 2009

Trying this again with the right character this time :slight_smile:

SkillQ.net - Azura Molasi

  • Born 2009
  • 5M+ SP into Trade
  • 374K SP unallocated
  • Remap + 2 bonus available
  • Sitting in Jita ready to trade

Make me an offer and put her to use!

Note: Skillq site is a bit flaky at the moment so raw dump of trade SP:

Trade 5,416,729 SP / 12 Skills
| Accounting V 768,000 SP||
| Advanced Broker Relations V 768,000 SP||
| Broker Relations V 512,000 SP||
| Contracting III 9,669 SP||
| Daytrading V 256,000 SP||
| Marketing V 768,000 SP||
| Procurement IV 135,765 SP||
| Retail V 512,000 SP||
| Trade V 256,000 SP||
| Tycoon IV 271,530 SP||
| Visibility IV 135,765 SP||
| Wholesale V 1,024,000 SP||

what are standings with caldari for jita trading?

starting 5b.

Remove your toon from NPC corp as well, so it follows the rules

6b b/o valid for today only.

Thread reopened.

Please give a https://www.qsna.eu/ link with standing for this pilot.

There are no standings, don’t think she’s ever undocked in anger heh but here you go none the less:

Hey boss, I’m super sorry - RL kicked in and pretty much screwed up my entire schedule over the past few weeks. At any rate, thanks for the offer and if you are still interested please do reply back here!

will accept 5b within this week.

So its not a jita trade alt. Just a trader. No standings toward the specific factions/corps so you cant really call it a jita trader