Jita trading alt with standings and trade skills

[Link to skills and standings ]( Shigaras Kado Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu))

main thing about this character: Trade Tax Jita: 1.1999% (21Jan24)

Caldari State 5.09
Caldari Navy 9.37

Other sweet bonuses

9.8 mil SP Trade focused
Trading :chart: 305 max open orders + tax reduction skills
Hauling :articulated_lorry: Gallente hauler skills
Character itself located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Clone imps: - 5 Improved
wallet positive
no kill rights
clean killboard
clean corp history
remaps available

I’m waiting for your generous offers :grinning:

Please remember; you are not just paying for SP, the Trade Tax Jita and Trade skill focus is the key!

5b ready

5.5b !

6 B .

firm bid 7b isk

8b here

9b isk

bid retreacted

13B offer

ive seen you havent responded to any of the offers, so lets not beat around the bush? how much are you actually wanting?

I’m just happy to wait for someone who appreciates the value of Trade Tax Jita: 1.1999% on top of 10 mil SP.


Check your evemail if you havent yet @Shigaras_Kado

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras - thank you sir! You ‘get it’.

Looks like this was a bs topic. Ignores all the offers and accepts some mystery in game offer.

I didnt offer anything except some advice. This character as far as im aware is still very much for sale

@Annamaria_Alexa make an offer for him then.

In your opinion, yes.

With SP at 10 mil the base value is 7-9 bil imo.

Now consider the time and focus required for the standings, and their application for Anita trader.

All I have seen are bids based on SP. So no interest here is all, and in no rush.

Thanks for the free bump, but maybe think before flexing your fingers and opinions.

You had 9 different offers and ignored every single one. You even had an offer of 14b you ignored. You have no buyout or reserves set or any idea on what you want for it. I want to buy it but Im not going to pull out my crystal ball to please your ego. Name a price and if i’m happy with it ill buy it right now. Also your standings arent as valuable as you think. It costs 3b for the standing service to grind to that on an alt passively. So your 7-9b evaluation on your sp + 3b standings = 12b. Plus 1 or 2b to be generous… Its about on the money. Hence my entire arguement.

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Didnt wanna mention here thats why i sent an evemail. For cal navy 0.00 to 9.37 is over 5 bil

0.00 to 5.09 for cal state is 20b 400 mil.

Thats the cost to get to 1.19% having us (USIA) do it.

I evemailed him to give him an idea of what ballpark he could sell the character for.


I was dubious about responding as I have no intention of feeding this troll >> Annamaria Alexa <<

Consider; I take a number of tablets each day to help with anxiety and hypertension. I have for over 10 years now. It helps. But your ‘vitrol’ does not.

You espouse your ‘opinion.’ You have that right. Please respect mine. Don’t judge me to be …like you!

In my opinion, this pilot is worth more than you value them. That’s life . You could have tried to talk, persuade, haggle. But you chose to bully, troll and generally just be an ass! That’s you, not me.

I have seen a pilot with CS 10 and CN 9.9 go for 50bil, fact.

I value this pilot between 20 and 30 bil, depending on the buyer and our ability to enjoy a good haggle.

So I won’t be selling to you, as you have clearly stated you don’t value what’s for sale. So please, f-off!

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