WTS Perfect Trade Character with much more - SOLD

Password: PvR579ApmC

If you’re looking for a trade character with ALL trade skills to 5, this is the character for you. I have trained her to not only trade but to fly freighters as well. For a pilot with 32 million skillpoints, she can do a lot of different things. Some highpoints:

• Virtually perfect navigation skills sub Capital
• All basic core skills are near perfect
• Ready for Capital skillbook; can fly Capitals very quickly
• She has Amarr freighter level 4, and 1 day from Caldari freighter.
• She can fly covert ops, and can use a cyno beacon and a covert cyno beacon.
• She has 6.696 mil skillpoints in navigation including jump drive operation to 5. I wanted to make her a jump freighter pilot of course, and she is close.
• She has the max number of clones you can have, 11, and they are spread out all over highsec in key locations that are within 1 jump from high sec to low sec.
• She does have standing with Amarr empire - 1.6, but it’s something. This corporation is Amarr’s main trade hub.
• She also has standing with Caldari navy - 2.75. This is Jita’s main trade hub corporation. She can do missions with one level 4 security agent.
• Good shields and good armor
• Can jump once every 19 hours

Total skillpoints are 32,063,770; remap is ready now. Character will come with a positive balance at time of sale. Never lost a ship, never killed a ship. No kill rights – never done any PvP. Currently in station in Jita and is in an NPC corp. Character has usually been docked up in a station most of her life. If you decide to keep skilling her up, you can choose any direction for her.

Starting bid is 20 billion isk. Bid intervals of at least 250 million.
Buyout price is 23 billion ISK. I reserve the right to reject any bid, and cancel the auction at any time.

If buy out is out bid then the last bid extends the time and price for 10 minutes after the last bid. if buyer fails to complete purchase then the next bid wins. this is starting as of this update. ty gl.

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23 bil bo



26 bil

Thank you for your bids, this auction has ended.

Intriguing Stranger, your bid of 26 billion is accepted. Awaiting Evemail transfer info and ISK transfer.

Thank you to all bidders.

All done, you should have received isk and a mail

Isk and account info received, thank you, will begin transfer shortly.

Transfer paid for an hour ago, awaiting email confirmation transfer has begun.

Sale complete - have fun with her! But you’re still red in zero space :grinning:

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