(SOLD)WTS Mining Pilot 10.7M SP(SOLD)


Hello all!

Looking to sell Jasiv, an outstanding mining pilot! Focused on moons, but can mine all ore types with ease!

  • Located in Hi-sec with one JC in null
  • Positive Wallet
  • NPC corp
  • 1 annual remap, 2 bonus available
  • Able to also fly Gallente Cruiser and has decent drone skills

Looking for 10B B/O

bump to the top

8 bil buyout offer.

9b and it’s yours

Deal. I will send ISK and account details.

ISK received. Transferring isk to alt and will be sending pilot shortly. I will reply here again once it has been sent.

Pilot has been sent. You should be receiving an email shortly.


18 Jul 2019 07:54

EVE Character transfer

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EVE Character transfer




All prices shown in USD

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