*SOLD* WTS Perfect Ark/Transport character 20m SP

Hello, I am looking to sell this character. She has JF 5, cyno 5, transports 5, amarr indy 5, gal frig 5, and all 3 jump skills to 5.


Wallet at 0, clean corp history, clean killrights, no combat kills, standard implants plugged in, located in Jita.

Bid starts at 16b, B/O 22b


13bil buy offer


13.5 bil

can we convo in game? I would like to work a bo offer

I would give you 20B buyout.

--------22 billion buy out --------

Edit: I changed my mind. I bid 20.5b.

Katie comes in with the buyout, so let’s get this going!

Edit: bidding continues, then.

22 billion buy out. Isk ready and ready to transfer if you accept

Buyout accepted.

22 billion isk transferred and account details sent

Please confirm you have received.

Thank you

Information received. I will begin the transfer shortly. Thank you.

Transaction processed. Should be yours about 13:23 on the 23rd (UTC).

Thank you, again.

Transfer notification received.

Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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