WTS 17m SP JF Toon + Transport Ships

WTS my JF Toon.


no killrights
located in Jita 4-4
i will pay transfer

:sunglasses:Cybernetics V --> for well implants
:grinning:Amarr Freighter V
:grin:JF IV
:heart_eyes:Gallente Industrial V --> can fly T2 transport ships
:hugs:Frigate V --> can fly interceptor

Good Armor skills for JF!!! Ark can be a really tanky beast!!

increasments min. 0.5b

Start bid 11b

12b b/o

13 bil bid

14b .

16 bil b/o

16.5b b/o

OP had i not met your listed bo?

Prolapse 16.5 b accepted send Isk and Account data and i will start transfer

isk and account name sent

transfer started

character received close post.

thanks bud

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