WTS 18.5msp Focused JF toon

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Vex_Trild

Wallet Balance is 10581.00 isk
No kill rights available, clean sec status

Jump clones:
Covryn VII - Moon 2 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production (Placid, Lowsec)
Stacmon VII - Moon 1 - Impro Factory (Highsec)

Current location is Jita 4-4, with mid grade nomads, WS-615 and EM-705 implants (~2b total value)

JF IV (~2m sp left until V)
Minmatar Freighter V
Caldari, Amarr, Gallente Freighter IV
Perfect jump/relevant nav skills
Minmatar Frigate, Industrial at V
Inties and Transport ships at 1 (can fly minmatar inties/DST/BR)
Cybernetics V, appropriate tanking skills at V for Freighters/Jump Freighters.

Only looking for serious offers, extremely versatile and focused JF pilot with ability to move around nullsec.

12 bil


13.5 bil

14b. B/o

14.5 bil

15 bil

I’ll accept your 15b offer

Other responder was faster, sorry mate

15.5b if the previous offer falls through

I will offer 16B isk ready now

Has the deal been done ? if not conv me for the best deal.

16.5b here

17bil is it still for sale?

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