Buy industrial-mining-JF account

Buy industrial-mining-JF account

Got a JF alt for sale

WTS - Vayra Sardoxim - 2007 Pilot 188.9m sp
Capital Indy / Max Booster / Jump Freighter 5 / Manufacture

Starting Price: 125b
Buyout: 165b

In accordance with CCP:
– Currently in NPC @ Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
– 4 Jump clones (1) 0.0 Stain (1) LS Tash-Murkon (2) various high sec npc stations
– No kill rights
– Positive Wallet balance
Check out skills at Skillboard.Evie

What are you looking to spend?

What is your price range?

i offer 40B

for you

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