Looking to sell my JF alt as I keep saying I’ll use her and haven’t ever actually even ran a JF with her before. I’d rather just get the liquidity back and give her to someone who will use her.


Jump Freighters 5
Amarr Freighters 5
Cybernetics 5
High Speed Maneuvering 5
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 5
Capacitor Management 5
Armor Layering 5
Capacitor Systems Operation 4 (5 in 4d)

No killrights, NPC corp, high sec etc

Let’s start bids at 14b

EveSkillbook link please.

Sorry! Thought I had linked it

I’ll put down 14b

Noted, thank you!

17B good for 24 hours

17b offer accepted, will start transfer when isk is received

isk and account info sent

Isk received, transfer initiated

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