[SOLD] WTS perfect NYX pilot with 30m SP


Located at high sec
Positive wallet
NPC corps

Some important skills:
Gallente Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V
Current training Light Fighters to level V (will complete in 2 days from now without implants)
Can also fly Amarr Carrier (level one) and Minmatar Carrier (level four)

I will pay the transfer fee

Start at 30B
Buyout 35B

Character has been SOLD!

25 bil

30B bid from me. Can transfer when I get off this evening.

31 bil

32 bil

@Hatano_ketsukoromo how long is bidding staying open?

Until this Saturday (4.20)

Wrong thread.

Do you have a buyout price? Don’t wanna wait that long haha

35B if you accept it

If you’re doing the transfer with credit card i will send the isk now. 35B for her is a deal. Are youa ble to start the transfer?

Offer accept, and yes, I will pay transfer fee by credit card, wait for your isk.

Isk and account info has been sent from Hadrian Tobran

Character transfer start, please check.

Email confirming transfer received thank you for the character.

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