[SOLD] WTS perfect NYX pilot with 30m SP

(Hatano ketsukoromo) #1


Located at high sec
Positive wallet
NPC corps

Some important skills:
Gallente Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V
Current training Light Fighters to level V (will complete in 2 days from now without implants)
Can also fly Amarr Carrier (level one) and Minmatar Carrier (level four)

I will pay the transfer fee

Start at 30B
Buyout 35B

Character has been SOLD!

(Canace Orient) #2

25 bil

(Desmo Ormand) #3

30B bid from me. Can transfer when I get off this evening.

(Canace Orient) #4

31 bil

(Desmo Ormand) #5

32 bil

(Desmo Ormand) #6

@Hatano_ketsukoromo how long is bidding staying open?

(Hatano ketsukoromo) #7

Until this Saturday (4.20)

(XFrostbiteX) #8

Wrong thread.

(Desmo Ormand) #9

Do you have a buyout price? Don’t wanna wait that long haha

(Hatano ketsukoromo) #10

35B if you accept it

(Desmo Ormand) #11

If you’re doing the transfer with credit card i will send the isk now. 35B for her is a deal. Are youa ble to start the transfer?

(Hatano ketsukoromo) #12

Offer accept, and yes, I will pay transfer fee by credit card, wait for your isk.

(Desmo Ormand) #13

Isk and account info has been sent from Hadrian Tobran

(Hatano ketsukoromo) #14

Character transfer start, please check.

(Desmo Ormand) #15

Email confirming transfer received thank you for the character.