SOLD WTS pvp starting pilot 40 m SP

Good question, wonna close it appx in one week max. B/o would be like 25

25 b/o offer update your skillboard please your SP show 0

Offer Noted, skillboard updated :+1:

Your link is always invalid

Dammit, it should work now

So If your b/o is 25b you can accept my offer iam ready now

I am sorry, ill be back on sunday evening and will close the deal. Till than Any other bids are possible.

Ok, Last Hour, than ill confirm gazos dronoses offer

Offer accepted 25

Ok, looks like keyboard is broken :grinning: so i am again for sale.

23 bil

thx for the offer, we do have last 48 hours to go


i need to leave in 4 hours so i will have to cancel my offer in 4 hours if its not accepted yet

ok, offer accepted, send me ingame account info and isk

isk and account name sent

isks recieved, transfer started, have fun

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