SOLD - WTS Rorqual Pilot 26,7mSP

(curtis curt) #1
PW: 123456

Positive Sec status
Positive Wallet
Located in High sec

Best current offer: 23BIL

(Lafiel Paryunu Abriel) #2

What is your B/O price?

(curtis curt) #3

None yet, someone outside the forums offered 20bil, but this post is new so.

(Lafiel Paryunu Abriel) #4

Well, ill offer a 23B B/O

(curtis curt) #5

If you get me 25bil we have a deal.

(Lafiel Paryunu Abriel) #6

24B and ill send it now :laughing:

(Wpier Dol) #8


(Wpier Dol) #9

27b b/o

(curtis curt) #10

Alright sold to Wpier Dol. Waiting on the funds.

(curtis curt) #11

Sold. Character transfer in progress.