21,7M SP + 375k FREE SP

FOCUS: Freighter, JF Galente, Orca, Rorqual,
Wallet balance: Positiv
Kill rights: non
Jump clones: HS (Umokka)
Character location: in ZDYA-G

Start: 15 b
BO: 20 b

I’ll go Min Bid.

Start or BO

Hello! 16 b

bid 16.5 bil

Hello 17b

Withdrawn for now

Bump !!!

18,5 BO

18.5 BO
Let me know when you accept the offer

accept the offer!

accept the offer!

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I’ll take it if they’re a no show

Hi, which in game ID i should use for in game mail ?

your have in game email

ISK sent.

transfer executed

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