(James Franco) #21

I’m not trading for titan and ISK, had two mails about that weirdly enough.

(Mazikeen Morning-Star) #22

120b clean isk for caedes

(Chamomile Tea) #23

Also interested in the Caedes. 121b, cash in hand.

(James Franco) #24

Well, 121 atm I’ll give it until tomorrow to decide. Sounds fair right?
130b will have a contract within a few hours… but I know that’s unlikely.

(Mazikeen Morning-Star) #25

122 if contract is still up for special op :slight_smile:

(James Franco) #26

Contracting to you Morning-Star (on your main).

(James Franco) #27

Well, he bought a Hydra instead so it’s still up for anyone who wants it.

(PI farmer1) #28

if all these other offers fall through i’ll pay 10b

(Chamomile Tea) #29

contract it to me for 120 and ill pick it up later today

(James Franco) #30

Alright, I’m all done, thanks for buying my stuff. Please close this thread now.

(system) closed #31

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